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The Credentialing Conundrum: How to Be Job-Ready as a Healthcare Professional


September 14, 2022

The future of healthcare continues to be shaped by COVID-19’s lasting impact. In a post-pandemic landscape, there’s greater competition with more healthcare professionals searching for jobs and fewer available travel job contracts to go around.

Consequently, facilities are becoming less inclined to request contract extensions, pay rates are returning to pre-pandemic levels, and healthcare systems are increasingly favoring permanent, full-time staff over travelers. To stay ahead in this competitive environment, it becomes crucial to ensure you are job-ready, organized, and can seize job opportunities swiftly.

Maximizing Efficiency in the Credentialing Process

As healthcare professionals, we understand the intricate nature of credentialing and the significance it holds in our careers. The process of validating and verifying our qualifications, licenses, and certifications is vital to ensure patient safety and maintain industry standards, and ultimately secure your next contract. But, did you know 85 percent of applications are missing critical information that is required for processing?

Stay Informed About Requirements

It’s always important to stay proactive by researching and understanding the credentialing requirements specific to your field and the locations where you plan to work, but anticipating the “big-ticket” items like licenses, certifications, work history, references, and medical documents will expedite your job submittal process immensely.

Start preparing for credentialing by understanding the top 10 most common requirements to be credentialed as a healthcare professional.

Having these documents together ahead of time and ready to go will help submit to a job as soon as possible. Did you know you are required to submit at least 7 YEARS of work history (if you have it) to complete a background check?

Your recruiter should be forthcoming on everything you’ll need for any given contract, and you can also contact relevant licensing boards, professional associations, and regulatory bodies to obtain accurate and up-to-date information. By being well-informed, you can prepare in advance and gather the necessary documents efficiently.

Maintain Open Communication

Initiate the credentialing process as soon as you decide to pursue a new job or contract opportunity and establish clear lines of communication with the recruiters, staffing agencies, and employers involved in the credentialing process. Regularly check in with them to ensure you have the most current information regarding the status of your application and any additional requirements, and promptly respond to their document requests ahead of deadlines and address any clarifications they may require.

Organize and Store your Credentials Efficiently

Once you know what documents you’ll need to gather for credentialing, where you store them will determine how monotonous retrieving the same copies of information will be for future contracts. The traditional methods of managing credentials, such as relying on emails and fragmented systems, often lead to confusion, delays, and potential security risks.

Digital file storage solutions or cloud-based platforms that provide secure access and easy retrieval are popular choices, but aren’t necessarily designed specifically for healthcare professionals. You’ll need to make sure you stay organized by creating subfolders for each category of document and regularly back up your files to avoid any catastrophes if you go this route, and your data security could become compromised if you go to send your files and your employer's systems aren’t as secure.

At Kamana, our free and secure digital job profile is made specifically for healthcare professionals and serves as a convenient hub to store all your job data. With this tool, you can effortlessly create a professional resume and securely share it directly with one link, along with the rest of your professional portfolio and healthcare documents to any recruiter or facility from any place, anytime, on any device.

Kamana's Self-Service Credentialing

Being job-ready means having your credentials up-to-date, easily accessible, and readily available for potential employers. By leveraging Kamana's self-service credentialing tool, you gain a competitive edge by streamlining the process and gaining more transparency around credentialing requirements.

To unlock the full breadth of Kamana’s self-service credentialing features, you’ll need to connect with an agency like Triage Staffing that partners with Kamana and has “Engagements” active.

Track Your Progress & See What Is Still Required

One of the most significant challenges healthcare professionals face during credentialing is keeping track of the myriad requirements. Kamana's self-service credentialing tool provides a centralized platform where professionals can easily view and monitor the status of their credentials. No more digging through cluttered emails or juggling multiple platforms.

Once you’ve been assigned to provide a required document, you can upload it on your own time (whether that’s the 2 AM nightshift slump or on your one-off day between two stretches of 3) without having to interact with a recruiter or compliance professional during regular people business hours.

With Kamana, you can be productive on your own time - gaining clarity on what is required, identifying any pending documents, and gauging your completion of the credentialing process all within the Kamana app.

Streamline Document Uploads

Scanning, printing, and mailing documents to various agencies is inconvenient, and an especially bad idea when dealing with secure documents. Kamana's digital wallet allows healthcare professionals to directly upload their documents by taking a photo on their mobile device, making the process swift, efficient, and secure. By eliminating the need for physical paperwork, you can save precious time and ensure your credentials are always readily accessible whenever and wherever you need them.

Seamless Communication with Agencies

Maintaining communication with multiple staffing agencies or recruiters can be overwhelming, especially when updates and document requests are scattered across emails. Kamana's self-service credentialing tool fosters seamless collaboration by enabling agencies to request document updates directly through the platform.

This streamlined communication ensures that everyone involved in the credentialing process is on the same page, minimizing delays and avoiding potential misunderstandings.

Taking Ownership of the Credentialing Process

While recruiters and staffing agencies play a crucial role in assisting traveling healthcare professionals with the credentialing process,  it's vital to understand the responsibilities that fall on your shoulders. A proactive approach not only expedites the overall process but also gives you a deeper understanding of the requirements, allowing you to proactively address potential issues.

By leveraging the Kamana digital wallet, you can swiftly navigate the credentialing process, help eliminate administrative bottlenecks, and ensure your qualifications remain current.

Simply put, streamlined credentialing is the key to success.

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