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Kamana is very diligent with response time and problem solving. I love to see your program grow and adapt to new obstacles. I’ve looked at so many programs like yours and I think Kamana is blowing them all out of the water right now. We look forward to continuing our work with you.

Blake Gaylord

Owner, Integrity Medical Staffing

I find Kamana to be very effective. I use it to upload all my personal details into a profile (like LinkedIn for travelers/recruiters) but this information has all of your pre-employment screening information and extra details. I then share with the recruiter (or several at once). I specifically choose the level of access each recruiter gets.

Kenita, OT

Healthcare Professional

I love that you can see where each employee is located and how much of their profile is completed, as well as the messages being sent to encourage completion of the profile! I think it helps to streamline the use of the system and also makes it easier on us owners, freeing up the process of on-boarding our applicants.

LaTasha Knowles

Owner, Lakefront Nursing Medical Staffing Agency

[Kamana] is so convenient, I almost don't want to bother with companies that don't [use it]!

Lia, RN

Healthcare Professional

Kamana has taken away all of the stress and inconvenience from the onboarding process. I love that my documents are accessible in one place. I think you've taken the frustrations that travel nurses face and executed the solution in a wonderful way. I can't wait to connect with recruiters!

Taylor, RN

Healthcare Professional

Kamana offers a new and improved avenue for travelers and recruiters to manage their careers. Our innovative platform eliminates repetitive, manual, data-insecure processes so professionals can spend more time building relationships instead of searching for them.

John Modica, RN

Healthcare Professional

Kamana cuts down my work by 20% each week and everything related to on-boarding is centralized.

Viviane Yimga Ngassam

Founder, Beyond Medical Staffing