Eliminating inefficiency in healthcare staffing.

Who We Are

We are a passionate team working to eliminate inefficiency and financial waste in the world of healthcare staffing. We're transparent. We're nimble. We're always learning. And we're having a ton of fun along the way.

We’re on a mission to establish an effortless
(and unbelievably fast!) staffing process for healthcare
professionals and employers.

If you believe in making the healthcare experience better for those providing care,
we want you on our team!

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Why We're Here

Kamana was born out of the personal frustration one of our founders experienced throughout his nursing career. Having spent more than a decade working in dozens of hospitals across the country, John witnessed first-hand how repetitive processes and inefficient technology results in missed opportunities and financial waste for him and his employers.

What We Do

We build customer-centric, feedback-driven software for the healthcare staffing industry. We enable healthcare workers to manage their credentials and careers from a single place, and staffing companies to hire and collaborate with the workforce far more efficiently.