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Onboarding with employers through text and email is insecure. Avoid the possibility of your data getting into the wrong hands when you store it within an encrypted digital wallet.

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Kamana is a platform dedicated to healthcare professionals just like you.
Created by a travel nurse, we help you efficiently manage your career, documents & credentials,
onboarding, and employer relationships.

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Kamana was built for your busy lifestyle. Manage your profile on any device — on the move, or at the desk.

Credential Expiration Alerts

Kamana alerts you before credentials expire so you're always job-ready and compliant.

Kamana is awesome. It holds all of my credentials and holds my licensing, my medical records, and my references. I can just add my recruiters to it and share the link, and then they can access all of it.

Bridget, Medical Assistant & Phlebotomist

Healthcare Professional

Kamana is an absolute time saver. It takes all of your information, you put it in one place, it lets you know when things need to be updated, and you can share your link so you’re not giving multiple pieces of paper to multiple companies. You can opt to stop sharing your data at any time, and it’s just very user-friendly.

Melissa, Medical Lab Tech

Healthcare Professional

Kamana is the most miraculous thing ever! I don’t have to look for anything. All of it’s already there. At this point, it’s just uploading when Kamana tells me something is about to expire. I don't think I've had to actually look for my healthcare paperwork in over a year which is very nice.

Rosalind, RN

Healthcare Professional

I find Kamana to be very effective. I use it to upload all my personal details into a profile (like LinkedIn for travelers/recruiters) but this information has all of your pre-employment screening information and extra details. I then share with the recruiter (or several at once). I specifically choose the level of access each recruiter gets.

Kenita, OT

Healthcare Professional

[Kamana] is so convenient, I almost don't want to bother with companies that don't [use it]!

Lia, RN

Healthcare Professional

Kamana has taken away all of the stress and inconvenience from the onboarding process. I love that my documents are accessible in one place. I think you've taken the frustrations that travel nurses face and executed the solution in a wonderful way. I can't wait to connect with recruiters!

Taylor, RN

Healthcare Professional

Kamana offers a new and improved avenue for travelers and recruiters to manage their careers. Our innovative platform eliminates repetitive, manual, data-insecure processes so professionals can spend more time building relationships instead of searching for them.

John Modica, RN

Healthcare Professional

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