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What is Credentialing in Healthcare?


November 10, 2021

You hear a lot about credentialing in healthcare but what does it mean for you as a working healthcare professional?

Credentialing is essentially the process of verifying that a provider is qualified to provide medical services. This will affect you when getting hired for a new job as a permanent employee or at the beginning of each assignment as a traveler. Knowing the basic idea of credentialing in healthcare is easy, but digging in and understanding exactly what the requirements are takes a bit more time.

10 Categories for Credentialing in Healthcare

1. Identification

2. Licenses

3. Certifications

4. Medical Records

5. Background Checks

6. Drug Screens

7. Education

8. References

9. Competency Testing

10. Skills Checklist

Keep Credentials Accessible

Credentialing in healthcare doesn’t have to be complicated if you are equipped with the right info and the right way to organize your documents. Having these items readily available through a universal job profile from Kamana will enable you, the healthcare provider, to get a job easier and faster. New job postings can come and go quickly, so having everything you need ready at the click of the button instead of hunting it down in a file will aid you in being one step ahead of the competition!

About the Author

As a registered nurse with over 5 years of critical care experience and 1 year of travel nursing, Shannon Hardy has a great understanding of how much work is put onto the backs of every healthcare professional each day. She loves finding inefficiencies in how things are currently done and speaking with those who actually deal with it to find solutions. With this in mind, Shannon sought out her MSN in Clinical Informatics and joined Kamana after graduation. She sees Kamana as the answer for how to reduce some of that daily stress, especially when it comes to the important things (like licenses) that help you stay working!

In her spare time, you may find her hiking with her dog and husband, traveling somewhere new, spending time with friends, or trying her hand at recipes seen on cooking shows.

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