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How to Retrieve Your Prophecy Health Skills Checklists Results

John Modica, RN

March 8, 2020

How do I find my Prophecy skills checklist results?

If you’ve been a traveling nurse for any period of time, or have even expressed interest in it, chances are you’ve completed a Prophecy Health Skills Checklist. No one wants to take a skills checklist again if they don’t need to. As one of the biggest facilitators of self skills assessments in travel nursing, they have are used by many staffing agencies for this mandatory step in the new candidate assessment and submittal.

If you’re talking to or working with multiple agencies, they’re all going to ask for a skills checklist. Having these results in your Kamana profile, ready to share upon request, will save you from repeating this assessment. As nurses we hate double charting! So let’s avoid it by retrieving that previous Prophecy Skills Checklist and storing it with the rest of your professional portfolio.

Steps To access My Prophecy Skills Checklist

Accessing your past Prophecy skills checklist results is quick and easy. If for some reason it looks like you have not taken a Prophecy skills checklist,

reach out to Kamana and we can provide you one to complete and store within your free digital profile – otherwise, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Prophecy Health website
  2. Click the sign in button and select “Test Taker Login” and login
  3. Once signed in you will land on your assessments page where you can see all assigned and completed assessments.
  4. Click on the hyperlinked score in the results column to view those results.

PRO TIP: What password did you use here? This test was likely assigned to you by a staffing agency. If you need to use the password reset, make sure you’re using whatever email you communicate with your staffing agencies through. That is likely the email they used when they created this account for you. Use the password reset and get in there.

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Save your past skills checklist results

  • Click “Show Details” to expand the entire document.
  • Once expanded, use ‘Save As’ to store it onto your device.
  • You can also use the print option, then choose ‘Save as PDF’ to capture the document.

EXPERT ADVICE: Note the date completed when saving your results. Many agencies are hesitant to accept anything older than a year old.

Store, track and share results with any recruiter

Kamana Skills Checklist

Get the most value from your Kamana profile.

Once stored within your Kamana profile, your skills checklist and any other piece of your professional portfolio is secured and within your control. Kamana is YOUR digital wallet to keep. Free. Protected. Forever. When you need to share this info with a staffing agency, facility educator, or any other employer, simply use the ‘Shares’ feature to securely provide them access. You can unshare that access when necessary.

Finally, be sure to save all future assessments you take. We nurses do enough double charting at the hospital! Saving all results in your Kamana profile going forward will ensure you’re not taking that double charting home with you! 😝

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