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The Only Travel Nurse Resume Sample You’ll Need

John Modica, RN

August 21, 2020


If you’re like most nurses, working on your resume isn’t the most exciting part of your day. And if you’re a travel nurse your resume needs updating almost every 13 weeks. Just because nurses are in high demand and your resume says“RN”, doesn’t mean you’re set. You need to make sure that you are keeping your experiences and qualifications fresh.

When writing a resume, it’s best to start with a travel nurse resume sample.  A travel nurse resume sample gives you an idea on the essential areas that need updating, how to present stand-out experiences, and ultimately makes your life SO MUCH easier!

Step-by-step Travel Nurse Resume Sample

Whether you’re starting from scratch or improving a draft, follow along with this step-by-step travel nurse resume sample and get the help you need to create a winning document.

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1. Contact Information

2. Objective or Summary

3. Licenses & Certifications

4. Work History

5. References

6. Education

7. Employment Gaps

Importance of a Strong Travel Nurse Resume

  • Competition.When there’s a great contract, with a strong pay package, in a cool city, during the perfect season, you won’t be alone in applying for that position. If you’ve been traveling for any period of time you’ve probably lost a contract opportunity. Your goal is to win future contracts by preparing ahead of time and building a travel nurse resume that is ready to go.
  • Recruiter discretion. A nurse who is organized, ready to go, and a good fit for a travel contract is the ideal candidate to recruiters. Recruiters are tasked with filling hospital needs with the best fit, as soon as possible.  Be sure to articulate your value as a nurse and be able to present yourself on the fly with a kick-ass resume. Using a travel nurse resume sample document is your key to giving the recruiters exactly what they want!
  • Speed to submittal. Once you’ve passed your resume to the recruiter, they need to get it to their hiring manager. But before they do, it’s likely going to take some manipulation for their system to process it. The more time they spend here means the less time they spend completing other tasks in getting you submitted.

Robots are Reading your Resume

Other important consideration here — some staffing agencies use what’s called a “resume parser” to swiftly (but not very accurately) unpack stacks of resumes by identifying keywords and phrases and moving the information into their system of record. Oftentimes, this resume you’re working so hard on, wont even be read by a human.

This is important for you to know for a few reasons:

  • Accuracy is key. “Bots” will miss words that are spelled incorrectly or phrased uniquely.
  • Special fonts don’t do well in the resume parser. Use a standardized font like Arial or Times New Roman.

A Simpler & Smarter Solution

If this sounds overwhelming that’s because it is – but it doesn’t have to be. Today, technology can simplify and automate the travel nurse resume process, making it quick to update and even quicker to submit.

At Kamana, our free and secure profile, not only is a convenient place to store all your important job data, but you also have access to the resume builder! Once complete you can securely share it (along with the rest for your professional portfolio) with anyone right from your phone, any place, anytime.

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