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Recruiter Loyalty: Working with One vs. A Few


September 14, 2022

Are you committed to one recruiter no matter what or are you open to working with multiple recruiters? If you’re loyal to one what would it take for you to consider “dating a few”? Sweeter pay rates? Placement in a city on your bucket list?

What makes a good recruiter relationship?

Having a good recruiter relationship offers many benefits. Successful recruiters can offer their talent a number of advantages, including:

  • Offer unique or unforeseen opportunities + contracts.
  • Give key insight into the current job market.
  • Add perspective about changing market trends
  • Guide you about career-advancing steps + growth areas
  • Help negotiate higher compensation packages.
  • Provide a critical resume and job-search advice.

Loyalty to One Recruiter

As traveling healthcare professionals – we typically get started with one recruiter. They show us the ropes, educate us on travel healthcare, become our co-pilots. Often times, this first recruiter does a great job of highlighting the opportunities they have, while steering you away from the ones they don’t. This is not always in an attempt to be deceptive. You’re a rockstar traveling healthcare pro (and those are hard to come by) so once they’ve established that relationship with you, they’re doing what they can to keep you on contract with them. However, as most seasoned travelers have learned, it’s best practice to work with multiple recruiters.

Working with Multiple Recruiters

As Kamana’s good friend, and fellow travel nurse, Jonathan Pierre likes to put it – “dating a few recruiters” is the approach most travelers take. But by no means does this need to be a shady practice loaded with guilt. In fact, most confident agents will actually encourage working with multiple recruiters!

Realistically, no single staffing agency can land you a contract in every city and always guarantee a higher paying contract than all their competitors. Working with multiple recruiters means the more locations you have to choose from and the assurance you’re being paid what you deserve.

Keep your options open!

You might find you’re committed to your one recruiter no matter what, and that’s totally okay! But if you choose to work with multiple recruiters, just be transparent and professional. And whether you’re working with a single recruiter, or 2 dozen, get organized with your documentation, and clear with your communication – it will allow them (and you) to quickly get to that end goal of finding the best contract for you!

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