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How to Fix Healthcare Credentialing


September 14, 2022

Credentialing is not a one-sided conversation. It involves many key stakeholders from healthcare professionals, agencies, and facilities. Many times these groups have little transparency into what processes or struggles their counterparts are experiencing. In order to foster better outcomes for everyone, it’s essential for the healthcare industry to find ways to work together more strategically.

Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals

Better Data Security

Healthcare professionals are trained not to share sensitive patient data over text, email, etc. so why would they be eager to share their own SSN, tax home address, medical records, etc with a company unsafely? When you provide them a secure channel for collecting this highly-sensitive data you’re showing that you respect their data in your practices. Having that extra layer of security and establishing secure procedures will alleviate any fears HCPs might have about you and your company.


Explain “why” you need their information at a specific time provides transparency and more cooperation. Healthcare professionals who are in the Travel space are constantly asked by recruiters, compliance folks, hospital educators, employee health, etc. for the same copies of information, over and over. It’s understandable they want to understand why you need their vaccine record, SSN, tax home address, references, etc. at a particular moment. Proactively explaining why you need their data will help expedite their delivery of it, and is also the right thing to do. A general overview of what healthcare credentialing and records you’ll be needing as their potential employer is an efficient way to set the expectations upfront.

Setting expectations can look something like this:

  • “We’re going to need X at this point or by X date” and continue that communication throughout the credentialing process.
  • If the candidate provided you an MMR titer, but your client won’t accept the border line results, explain that information before rejecting it. Tell them they must go get another vaccine.
  • If there are changes by your client in what’s needed in the 11th hour… don’t downplay the work that your candidate will need to do; be understanding of how frustrating and stressful this can be.

Make Credentialing Easy

Your sales team is bringing in qualified candidates who are excited about the open positions but when it comes to the onboarding process they’re ghosting. Sound familiar? Take a walk through your agency’s new hire process and look for the ways you can improve the candidate experience.
Here are some red flags to look for as you analyze:

  • Not mobile-friendly. The candidate cannot complete the entire application and onboarding process from their phone.
  • Heavy reliance on email: You’re communicating with the candidate through mostly email.
  • Insecure data sharing: You’re requesting documentation to be sent through text and/or email.
  • App overload: You’re asking them to download another app.
  • Redundant info: Candidates are filling out the same information in multiple places.
  • Website confusion: Your candidates must visit multiple website or portals to complete the process.

Healthcare professionals (especially those working travel contracts) expect a one-stop-shop, mobile-friendly onboarding experience. Don’t ask them to crack open laptops, find a printer, login into another website, and type their address into another form. Opaqueness into what’s needed, clunky technology, and unclear processes demotivate candidates and delay the credentialing process.

Healthcare Staffing

A common misconception in the staffing industry is that agencies don’t understand or feel the pain in the process of credentialing. I think almost every credentialer we know would agree that just isn’t the case! Agencies also have plenty of struggle with the credentialing process, albeit different struggles, just like healthcare professionals. It’s time we all come together, recognize the flaws, and build a holistic solution for everyone!

Collaboration with Staffing Agencies

Working at the top of your IQ

Credentialing professionals are an essential part of the staffing process, and removing tedious tasks is imperative to help get HCPs to patients as fast as possible! A huge part of their day can be overtaken with mundane, repetitive tasks that can easily be removed with technology and automation. Kamana will never be able replace the important job they do, we just want to make it a lot easier to get it done.

A lot of credentialing time is spent transferring, organizing, and requesting candidate information just to get started on the process of onboarding. Luckily, this can be relieved by giving HCP’s an amazing experience from the moment they apply at an agency.

  • Removing candidate friction: Empower candidates to take control of their careers by giving them ownership of their data. When you do this, you’ll be surprised how much of those tedious internal tasks can be relieved.
  • Let technology do the heavy-lifting: For all our recruiters out there, stop pouring all your time into working on resumes and profiles! Document collection can be easy (with Kamana), and the automated resume-builder gets submissions locked in fast.
  • Reduce the time and cost: Let’s be honest, we can all agree that time and cost are two of the most valuable motivators for improving credentialing for agencies. Giving HCPs a way to store, track, and share their documents (no matter which agency they work for) saves your recruiters time and your business the costs.

The Future: Healthcare Staffing Companies

Imagine a digital world where everyone has a central place to keep important documents, receive reminders on when things expire no matter who they work with, and can easily transfer that information to any party of their choice. No more calling previous employers, digging through folders, and praying they have an MMR on file just to avoid a costly clinic visit. Don’t forget about all those expirations while they take a few months off work (which truth be told I’m sure everyone in healthcare could use).

That dream scenario of a centralized management platform is a reality. No matter when or where someone is working, Kamana will continue to remind professionals their status of credentials. The age of the universal credential wallet is here to give you back your time and money as an agency!

Healthcare Facilities

For Healthcare facilities, credentialing is not only where the “buck stops” but where it starts. While amazing feats are being accomplished during today’s stressed climate, the pain of tedious tasks and inconsistent results have plagued facilities for years.

Collaboration with Facilities

Current State of Credentailing

Most (if not all) credentialers are being asked to do more volume of onboarding with less resources and in a shorter period of time than ever before.  In addition, ensuring the roadmap for each speciality, unit specific and system-wide credential is properly updated and sent out to the proper parties involved is not sustainable for staff or facilities.
The document volley between Healthcare Professional, Staffing Company, and Facility has long haunted the world of onboarding.  When it comes to the speed and demand for contingent labor, having reliable partners in technology is just as important as having reliable partners in staffing.

The Future: Facilities

While technology cannot (and should not) replace the valuable facility professionals driving the credentialing process, a properly placed technology can augment and optimize processes to improve results and empower onboarding departments to work at the top of their craft.

Real-time collaboration via a consolidated, universal software platform, like Kamana:

  • Improves team efficiency for collecting and organizing credentials, licenses, work history, etc.
  • Unifies disjointed workflows by centralizing all documentation into one secure database.
  • Clarifies communication between all parties means staffing companies, healthcare professionals, and facilities have transparency into expectations and requirements.

Well-designed software that collects documents in a timely manner and houses them securely, elevates roadblocks and burdens felt by facilities.

Time is a Commodity

Facilities not only need a technology or partner who can organize candidates, but they also need solutions to shorten the time needed to get those candidates compliant and successfully onboarded.  What good is it to match a candidate in 5 minutes if it will take 28 days to get them compliant?

With staffing shortages straining health systems around the country, it’s no wonder facilities are in need of a better solution. Getting job-ready candidates in your door and working the floor is top-of-mind urgency for everyone.

When facilities work with partners and staffing companies that consistently deliver candidates with up-to-date documentation (i.e. fully compliant and no expired credentials), they are not only getting more staff, more quickly, but also improving patient care.

Fixing Things Together!

Everyone in healthcare has a roll in credentialing and compliance. Healthcare professionals looking for work, Staffing Companies looking to onboard, and Facilities looking to fill shortages all rely on compliance being accurate, fast, and current. Only when we have transparency and collaboration between these stakeholders will we begin to see positive gains within our very stressed, very complicated industry.

Touching every side of the industry, Kamana solves these most pressing problems, making things simple and secure.

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