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How to Fix Healthcare Credentialing


February 22, 2022

Credentialing is not a one-sided conversation. It involves many key stakeholders from healthcare professionals, agencies, and facilities. Many times these groups have little transparency into what processes or struggles their counterparts are experiencing. In order to foster better outcomes for everyone, it’s essential for the healthcare industry to find ways to work together more strategically.

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Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals often view the credentialing process as a confusing procedure they must muddle through before landing a new contract with a staffing company.  But ultimately, the question everyone should be asking is: “Why does the credentialing process have to be so painful? There’s a simple answer: “It doesn’t have to be”. Done right, healthcare credentialing can be a smooth process that avoids friction points and endless outreach.

Here are some ways we can improve the experience and encourage active collaboration from our awesome healthcare providers.

Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Staffing

A common misconception in the staffing industry is that agencies don’t understand or feel the pain in the process of credentialing. I think almost every credentialer we know would agree that just isn’t the case! Agencies also have plenty of struggle with the credentialing process, albeit different struggles, just like healthcare professionals. It’s time we all come together, recognize the flaws, and build a holistic solution for everyone!

Collaboration with Staffing Agencies

Healthcare Facilities

For Healthcare facilities, credentialing is not only where the “buck stops” but where it starts. While amazing feats are being accomplished during today’s stressed climate, the pain of tedious tasks and inconsistent results have plagued facilities for years.

Collaboration with Facilities

Fixing Things Together!

Everyone in healthcare has a roll in credentialing and compliance. Healthcare professionals looking for work, Staffing Companies looking to onboard, and Facilities looking to fill shortages all rely on compliance being accurate, fast, and current. Only when we have transparency and collaboration between these stakeholders will we begin to see positive gains within our very stressed, very complicated industry.

Touching every side of the industry, Kamana solves these most pressing problems, making things simple and secure.

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