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COVID-19 Healthcare Staffing Response Plan


September 14, 2022

Kamana’s COVID-19 Action Response Plan

We’re here to help. Kamana is teaming up with healthcare professionals and staffing agencies to fill staffing shortages across the nation as we combat the effects of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). If you are a nurse or allied health professional that is willing to help or a staffing agency that is working to fill critical shortages, you can leverage Kamana’s network and technology to connect and efficiently work with the appropriate party, free of cost.

For Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

If you are a nurse or allied health professional with an active license, recent experience, and are willing and able to aid, there are hospitals across the country that need your help. We’ll help connect you to available needs. Thank You for everything you do!

Here’s how to join Kamana’s COVID-19 Support Team:

  1. Click here to create a Kamana profile
  2. Complete registration, then click Join this Team. If you have a profile, simply click sign Member Sign In, then Join this Team.
  3. Upload the following into your Kamana profile to be most prepared for submittal:
  4. Licenses held, with attachments.
  5. Certifications held, with attachments.
  6. Past two years of relevant work history.
  7. Two references from immediate supervisors during the past six months.
  8. A skills checklist for your specialty completed within the past six months.
  9. Your tax home address.
  10. Opportunity preferences that indicate when and where you’re able to work
  11. We will connect you with agencies that match your qualifications and preferences.
  12. If you are actively working with one of our agency partners, please work with them directly to determine the best ways to help.

Connections will be made via Kamana’s in-app messaging platform. You will be notified following the notification preferences established in your account, which set to email by default. Want to be notified via text instead? Here’s how to control how you are notified.

Not sure if you are available?

Not sure if you are available, but want to be prepared? We encourage you to complete your profile now. You can share your profile with any employer, and your Kamana profile will always be in your complete control.

Your account will remain dormant until you choose share your profile. We will only share your information if and when you are ready to share it.

How else can you help?

Be prepared with a complete profile.

We understand many of you will be working with staffing agencies beyond our network to help fill these critical hospital shortages. Every staffing agency in country is experiencing unprecedented demand from hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Your agency can place you faster if you are prepared with a complete profile before you apply or before the agency reaches out. Your Kamana profile can be shared with any staffing agency. It’s free. It’s secure. It’s yours forever. We encourage you to use it.

Share with your friends.

Send this blog post to any nurse or allied health professional that may be available to help.

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If you have any questions, please email We truly thank you for everything you do!

For staffing agencies filling nursing and allied health shortages caused by COVID-19

If you are a healthcare staffing agency placing nurses and/or allied health professionals in shortages caused by COVID-19, there are a few way we can help. Free of charge, no strings attached.

Mobile-friendly software to prepare nurses and allied health professionals for onboarding

Kamana builds user-focused healthcare staffing software for staffing agencies. At a high level, our software enables agencies to provide nurses and allied health professionals with a mobile friendly and easy to use portal for applications, onboarding, credential management, form filling, e-signatures, and communication. Simply put, healthcare pros with a Kamana profile are more prepared to be screened, submitted, and onboarded.

In an effort to help your staffing agency combat COVID-19 staffing efficiently, we are offering healthcare employers a version of Kamana, at no cost. This will enable nurses and allied health professionals to self prepare to be screened and onboarded, and expedite the submission process for your agency. We can implement very quickly, and work with your teams of healthcare professionals to successfully complete their profiles.

No strings attached. Simply send an email to, and we’ll be in touch.

Connections to nurses & allied health professionals in our network

We have a network of nurses and allied health professionals independent of those that work with our staffing agency customers that use Kamana to manage their credentials and professional documentation. Many have let us know they are available to pick up a travel contract or extra shifts in their area in response to COVID-19. We would like to connect these healthcare pros with jobs that meet their needs.

If you have established needs in specific locations of the country and would like Kamana to match those needs against our network of independent healthcare professionals, we will do so in a meaningful manor. The location and general requirements of that need are required, as we will not be making connections at random.

Provide the following information via email to, or fill out this short form, to start receiving connections.

  • Agency name and website
  • Point of contact email and phone number
  • Location(s) (city and state) you’re staffing for the most
  • Profession(s) needed the most
  • Any general requirements needed up front in addition to those we have directed healthcare professionals to complete at the top of this post?

Please do not hesitate to reach out if either of these options would be helpful in your time of need. We are here with you. And we are here to help.

Staffing Agency Disclaimer: This is no way a lead generation source and is only to connect healthcare professionals with critical staffing needs that A) match their qualifications and B) are in locations that they have expressed willingness to serve. Agencies found violating this policy will be immediately removed.

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