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Get Hired: Build a Great Resume & Job Profile!


September 14, 2022

The job market is hotter than ever, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get every position you’re after. Knowing how to build a great resume and submitting a complete job profile will increase your chances and make you a stand-out candidate in the eyes of the healthcare staffing recruiters and employers.

It’s no secret that staffing companies and hospitals are feeling the urgency in getting qualified candidates hired and working. When you present your potential employer with a detailed resume and a comprehensive job profile, you’ve just made their lives easier and saved them countless hours of work. The less paperwork-gathering and background research they need to collect from you, the better (and faster) they can submit you to that in-demand job. In a nutshell, you’re helping them, help you!

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Build a Great Resume

Building a great resume is relatively easy – especially if you create one digitally. Yes, it might take some time to track down dates and docs, but once the info is added and files uploaded, updating in the future is a breeze.

The basics of your resume are as follows:

• Contact Info– name, phone, email, address

• Education– degree plus any additional qualifications

• Work History (with dates)– be sure to list all past positions and include location details and facility name.

• Certifications and Licenses– list your qualifications!

Keeping a living resume in a digital space is one of the best strategies you can use for grabbing that hot job. At a moments notice, you can pull out your phone and share everything with your recruiter or employer with a few screen taps. Being the first to apply is always a win!

Resume vs. Job Profile

Okay, so you’ve got the basics on building a great resume, but let’s talk about your job profile. The fast-paced hiring market means the more info and actual documentation (think attachments of credentials) you can provide to potential employers in a completed job profile could mean all the difference.

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Whether you realize it or not, credentialing is a fraught and complicated aspect of our industry that not many are talking about. Teams are working to get you your next position as quickly as possible, while also juggling dozens of other candidates. When you make it easy for them, you’ll get rewarded with a speedier submission process.

Elements of a Complete Job Profile

As we said, this market is fast-paced. The more prepared you are for a submittal, the greater the likelihood of securing that awesome contract! There are some things you can do with your profile to help you stand out and match with even more jobs.

Obviously, filling out all portions of your job profile is the most ideal state but sometimes, you don’t have time to fill in everything all at once and just need to get the bare minimum in before finishing it later.

8 Must-Do’s for an A+ Profile

Here are our recommendations for a winning job profile:

  1. Personal Info: Fill out all your personal information, including your tax home address
  2. Background Questions: Answer the background and work authorization questions (there’s only three!)
  3. Licenses: Upload at least one license with an attachment of the physical copy (if your state offers them) or a screenshot of the online verification
  4. Certification: Upload at least one certification (almost everyone needs their BLS or ACLS) with an attachment of the physical copy or online verification
  5. Education: Fill in your education history
  6. Work History: Fill in your work history (most employers need at least 7 years of work history, if you have that much)
  7. References: Add two references into your profile
  8. Medical History: Add in any medical history documents you have on hand (immunization records are a huge one and can really save you a lot of time if they are already available for your recruiter to look at!)

Of course, filling in absolutely everything would be the best way to set yourself up for success but fulfilling as much of the above 8 items as you can when you create your profile will aid you in having a stellar profile AND help you build a great resume.

When you put in a little time upfront, the faster a recruiter will get you submitted to your next contract – who doesn’t ❤️ that?

Next Steps

Now that you know how to build a great resume and what it takes to have a complete and comprehensive job profile, here’s what you need to do (NOW!)

  1. Create a free profile.
  2. Fill out those 8 must-haves (or go crazy and add more).
  3. Share your profile with all current and future recruiters.

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