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Are you statistically likely to change jobs?


September 14, 2022

A new study reports that 49% of nurses (surveyed) are open to new career opportunities. 49% expressed interested in changing their positions for various reasons. We’ll take a deeper dive into those mindsets in future posts as part of an ongoing series.

Gen X and Gen Y nurses were reportedly the most open to new opportunities — at 51%, followed by Baby Boomer nurses at 43%.

Currently, 16% of RNs are actively looking for new employment. An additional 49% say they are open to new opportunities.

The following charts shows the way different generations of RNs are looking at their next opportunity. Overall, a majority of nurses — from all generations surveyed — are either looking for new opportunities or open to them. About 30% report not actively looking.
The studies show that gender plays a less significant role compared to generational mindsets. That said, men are statistically more likely to become a travel nurse than women (5% vs. 2%) according to

Where does travel nursing fit into the equation? We can see that, based on the data shown, 2.5% of nurses currently work a travel contract as their primary employment position. Given the average RN is only willing to commute 22 miles for work, travelers stand out with their willingness to journey hundreds, or even thousands, of miles for an assignment.

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