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An Open Letter To Our Customers: Triage Staffing Acquires Kamana


September 14, 2022

It’s not every Thursday that we get to drop big news! As a fast-growing tech company most of our “fun” announcements have something to do with adding a feature or growing our team – but not today. Today we are rolling out the red carpet, shining the spotlights, and turning on the confetti cannons…

We are so excited to share with you that Kamana has officially joined forces with one of the nation’s leading healthcare staffing agencies, Triage Staffing.

The Backstory

Although it is common for tech companies like ours to be acquired, transparently we didn’t imagine that we’d consider an acquisition this early . We started talking with Triage in a customer capacity many, many months ago. As we got to know them, the transition from potential customer to strategic partner happened incredibly naturally.

Kamana is disrupting the archaic technology used across healthcare staffing and credential management and Triage is embracing a powerful model shift too. Together, we are deeply aligned in our mission to improve the lives of healthcare professionals across the nation, while eliminating inefficiency and financial waste within the healthcare staffing process.

Triage’s industry experience, insights, and influence will accelerate Kamana’s path to becoming the new standard in how healthcare staffing operates.

Our Commitment Remains the Same

With this announcement, we cannot stress enough that Kamana will still be Kamana. Our commitment to serving the entire healthcare staffing industry has not changed. Kamana will continue to operate as an autonomous entity, and access to the information on the Kamana platform will not be given to Triage.

Simply put, Triage is another agency in Kamana’s growing roster of partners. We are committed to maintaining Kamana as a neutral ecosystem that positively impacts all staffing agencies, healthcare professionals, facilities, and industry partners alike.

The Kamana Promise

Our promise to you is firmly grounded in a set of operational rules between us and Triage to ensure that every healthcare professional can be confident that their personal information is 100% in their control. For staffing agencies, these rules ensure that Triage would feel comfortable using the Kamana platform even if Kamana was owned by their biggest competitor.

  1. Healthcare professional data remains private: Triage does not have open access to identifying information of healthcare professionals on Kamana. If a healthcare professional has not applied with or shared their Kamana profile with Triage, then Triage will not have their information.
  2. Customer data remains private: Triage has no access to identifying user information for any customer, or any identifying customer-level metrics outside of total user volume and revenue. Triage does have access to know the names of the customers using the Kamana platform.
  3. Access: Healthcare professionals can continue to use their Kamana Profile with any staffing agency, recruiter, employer, or any other person who needs it. Similarly, Triage does not have the ability to block any of their competitors from using the core Kamana platform.

The Future is Even Brighter

This partnership enables us to focus 100% of our efforts on further developing the Kamana platform to be the absolute best healthcare staffing technology the industry has ever seen – yes, we are that confident! We will continue to work closely with every user and customer to incorporate their feedback into Kamana’s roadmap, and we will be working with Triage’s team, clients, and partners to ensure our solutions address the pain points of every stakeholder involved in the healthcare industry.

  • For Healthcare Staffing Agencies: You can expect a growing number of candidates to come instantly prepared with a Kamana profile as our scaled up marketing efforts will aim to put the Kamana digital wallet into the pocket of every nursing and allied health professional you meet.
  • For Healthcare Professionals: Friends, colleagues, and agencies will be buzzing about this hot new platform that maximizes job-readiness and simplifies credential management. With more and more agencies leveraging Kamana’s digital wallet, your career will be so much easier to navigate!

We’re so grateful to have you with us! 🎉

Aside from all the announcement excitement, we want to thank you for being a Kamana user and for all of the support you have given us. There are no words to adequately express how grateful we are for you and everyone who has been a part of the Kamana journey thus far. Your trust in us means the world and we can’t wait to experience this next chapter of the healthcare staffing industry with you!

With so much gratitude,

John, Dave, Kiere & the Kamana team

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