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Meaningful Gifts for Travel Nurses & Healthcare Professionals


September 14, 2022

Are your loved ones asking you for holiday gift ideas? Do they mean well, but miss the mark on what you can realistically travel with? We’ve got a short and practical list of meaningful ideas that you’ll actually use!

Let’s face it, brainstorming great gifts for travel nurses and healthcare professionals is hard when you’re not in the industry. With frequent relocations, minimalism is a key tenant you subscribe to. The problem with this mindset is getting others, namely gift-givers with a permanent home-base, to share your sentiment.  

Criteria of Gifts for Travel Nurses & Healthcare Professionals

Giving gifts is an act that brings joy to both the giver and receiver. To make things easier for everyone, we’ve created a sharable list of gifts for travel nurses and healthcare professionals that meet the following criteria:

  1. Practical – a highly used item that won’t be stuffed in a suitcase and forgotten.
  2. Consumable – products that will be used or eaten before your next relocation.
  3. Experiential – experiences and services aren’t tangible objects, so that means no packing!
  4. Meaningful – a well-thought, personal items means more than another new water bottle.

The Shareable Gift List

Plane Ticket

A ticket to visit home (when it’s safe to do so) is always appreciated.

Holiday Cards

Sending cards to the traveler’s current location is a simple way to show that you’re thinking about them.

Digital Wifi Picture Frame

Loved ones send photos to this digital frame so you always feel connected. Find it at

Gift Subscription for Audiobooks

Audiobooks make the long drive from one assignment to the next much more enjoyable. Pick a subscription plan at

Gift Card for Facial Skincare

Wearing a mask all day is torture to the face and the skin. Treating them to quality skincare products to combat acne or enhance moisture is incredibly thoughtful. Find skincare gift cards at

Hand Repair Gift Set

After constant hand-washing during their shift, restoring chapped, dry hands and cuticles is the self-care travel nurses and healthcare professionals deserve. Find it at

One-Time Breakfast Delivery Box

Small enough for one or two people, an assorted breakfast spread gets their day started with a smile. Find it at

Gift Cards for Local Restaurants

We all need to eat! It’s even better when someone else pays.

Charitable Donation

Is there a cause or organization the traveler feels passionate about? Contribute in their name and send a nice card to let him or her know about the philanthropic gift. Find top-rated charities at

Socially Responsible Socks

Healthcare professionals are on their feet for more hours than they sleep. Cushioned, snazzy socks are always needed. As an added bonus, for every purchase, this brand donates a pair of socks to charities for the homeless. Find them at

More than Gift-Giving

Whether you’re the loved-one looking for gifts for travel nurses and healthcare professionals or you’re the one receiving the gifts, we should remember that more than gifts, this time of year (and this year in particular) is a time for us to be grateful for those working to keep us all safe. Let us be thankful for the gift of health and remember that we owe so much to you, the travel healthcare professional.

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