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Work A Camp Nurse Job This Summer! When & How To Join Camp Kesem


January 5, 2020

Camp Kesem Camper

Need a break from the hospital this summer? Be a camp nurse!

Being a camp nurse anywhere is awesome. The opportunity to hang with kids AND make a meaningful difference in their lives through the powerful mission of Camp Kesem … even better!

When Camp Kesem’s Operation’s Assistant, Dylan Skaggs, was introduced to us a few months ago we were more than excited to get behind him and his team’s cause: to serve children who have lost a parent to cancer, have a parent undergoing cancer treatment, or whose parent is a cancer survivor. Dylan made one thing clear, they need nurses and mental health professionals this summer. Working as a camp nurse can be a nice change from working the same ol’ hospital job on repeat. And helping children from families that’ve been affected by cancer is a job that will be rewarding in more ways than a paycheck.

Who is Camp Kesem?

Kesem is a nationwide community that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer. Camp Kesem will support over 12,000 children through fun-filled, week-long sessions of summer camp held in over 40 states. Each session of camp includes a Health & Wellness Team made up of nurses and mental health professionals. There are camp nurse jobs available at nearly every location.

Campers Enjoying Camp Kesem

Consider a summer camp nurse job this year! Face it, no one is having this much fun at the hospital!

What is a camp nurse? Why do they need you specifically?

The Camp Kesem Health & Wellness Team at each camp is usually made up of two nurses, one mental health professional, and one camp advisor. A camp nurse works collaboratively with members of the Health & Wellness Team to ensure the emotional and physical well-being of campers and staff. In other words, you get to do what you do best while creating precious memories and building meaningful relationships.

Positions are typically one week long, although some locations provide the opportunity to work multiple weeks. All locations require that you stay onsite for the entire week.

How much do summer camp nurses make?

Compensation for nurses and mental health professionals will be agreed upon after an initial interview with chapter leadership. If selected, a camp nurse is compensated as an independent contractor and is required to sign an independent contractor agreement. Reimbursement of agreed-upon travel expenses may also be provided for members of the Health & Wellness Team. Camp nurses who are able to volunteer some or all of their time are prioritized during the recruitment process.

Where are these camp nurse jobs available?

Regardless of where you are or want to be this summer, it’s likely that there is a camp nurse job available nearby. With camps in over 40 states Kesem has some pretty cool locations for you to spend some time this summer.

How to become a camp nurse at Camp Kesem

Click here for more information, FAQs, and the link to apply directly on Camp Kesem’s site.

You can also use your Kamana profile to apply. Simply complete your Kamana profile, then share it with Dylan at

We encourage you as a healthcare professional to consider giving your time to this powerful cause. If you know a nurse or behavioral specialist that loves helping kids, do pass this post along to share the love. Let’s all help Camp Kesem get to a fully staffed team of healthcare professionals!

Do something really awesome this summer. When it comes to selfless acts of charity towards something meaningful, there is one organization that is at the top of mind for us. Camp Kesem’s powerful mission is one that we at Kamana are proud to support. We hope you will too, and will be personally grateful for your support.

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