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Starting a Healthcare Staffing Agency During a Pandemic?


November 5, 2020


Thinking about starting a healthcare staffing agency of your own?

Viviane Yimga Ngassam did exactly that in April of 2020, right as the Covid-19 pandemic was causing healthcare staffing shortages around the world. Check out the interview below to learn about how she started Beyond Medical Staffing, how her agency has grown over the last six months, and what advice she has for new agency owners.

How did you get started?

We opened Beyond Medical Staffing in April, shortly after the pandemic started. It’s been crazy! There were contracts left and right, but candidates were so scarce, I couldn’t find anyone to work. Between April and August, we were staffing just one client, doing mostly long-term care and nursing home staffing. But in order to grow we had to go where the need was. Once we got involved in dialysis, assisted living, psychiatry, and travel nursing, things really started to pick up.

How has Kamana helped your agency grow?

Since starting a healthcare staffing agency, I’d estimate that Kamana cuts down my work by 20% each week. If I were doing on-boarding completely manually it would be really overwhelming. Before Kamana, we were using DocuSign and nothing was organized. But with Kamana, everything related to on-boarding is centralized. You just post your application landing page link who click can easily add their work history and credentials to their profile and sign any forms we need. It’s great that HelloSign is integrated with Kamana, it makes e-signatures very easy! And on the compliance side, since the automatic notifications go out to healthcare providers if they have any expirations coming up, I don’t have to do anything. They’ll fix it themselves once they see the reminders!

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How much have you grown?

Six months after launching, we now have 10 healthcare professionals on payroll. So it’s a lot more than we were doing before! And we’re definitely looking to grow more; we’re already looking into more contracts. It’s been an adventure but I’ve enjoyed the process of starting a healthcare staffing agency.

How do you find new candidates?

Facebook is one of our top sources for new candidates. We share the Kamana application landing page link so candidates can apply in a few easy steps. From there it’s easy to monitor if their profiles have been completed or not. Most candidates complete their profiles within a day or two. For those who don’t, I know they’re not serious applicants!

Has your nursing background helped you as an owner?

Absolutely! I didn’t know anything about staffing when I got started, but having a nursing background has definitely helped me to get my foot in the door with new clients. I understand the specialties inside and out and can already speak the language of the clinical world.

Any advice for others starting out?

Be persistent! You have to just keep at it, and be willing to learn. There’s a lot of opportunity out there, but you have to put in the work to find the clients you want. Not everyone will like working with the same types of clients. You have to find your niche, and the right type of clients for you.

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