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3 Ways to Differentiate your Healthcare Staffing Company


June 22, 2022

If you walk down a grocery store aisle what you will generally find are average products for average people. I don’t mean average people in a pejorative way, I mean appealing to a general segment of the population. How different is Wonder Bread from Farmhouse Bread? How different is Jiff peanut butter from Skippy? As someone who has been a traveling RN for 5 years, I feel the same about most healthcare staffing companies.

Working with most staffing companies is consistently the same; average products for average people. Some recruiters are more charming, funny, engaging, and attentive than others, however, take that inpidual recruiter, place them at another company and you probably can’t tell the difference.

The truth is, most staffing companies have no discernible difference in identity or what is offered. In today’s market, brand differentiation means everything.

Stand-Out from the Competition



Build a Community

If you have more than a few travelers in the same hospital, city, or within a reasonable distance from each other, bring them together. Task a recruiter or staff member with the responsibility of making the connection. Find local activities for your travelers to engage in. Find an enthusiastic traveler and incentivize them to take a few other travelers out for happy hour (on you of course).

If you don’t have an ambassador program, start one. However, don’t call it an ambassador program. Move away from the standard verbiage used in this industry and come up with new creative concepts, then market accordingly through your social media channels.



Wellness Works

Consider starting a wellness program. Healthcare professionals have worked extra hard over the last 2 years, with many of them working 48-60 hours a week. Burnout is a real thing. Show them you care about their well-being in a very real way. Partner with local spas and treat your hardworking healthcare heroes to “wellness days” – just don’t call it a sign-on or retention bonus!

Articulate to your audience, that “this is what we do for our healthcare professionals”. If you send your healthcare professionals to a spa, do it in small groups to signal that you care about community as well. Make sure to communicate your initiatives on social media.



Redefine Employee Experiences

The 2020 pandemic grounded the travel and tourism industry while healthcare travelers saw a substantial increase in take-home pay. Right now is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the international community reopening boarders, and the travelers desire to continue exploring the world. For completing a requisite number of assignments, consider offering a flight to a destination they’re interested in. Also consider subsidizing trips for your most loyal professionals.

Staffing companies can partner with Med Travel Hub and offer vouchers for domestic and international travel experiences like St. Patty’s Day in Ireland, scuba ping in Belize, or seeing the northern lights in Iceland. Provide a real adventure, don’t just use the words on your websites and in your emails. A little investment in providing a memorable experience goes a long way.

“Companies that prioritize customer experience generate 60% higher profit.” – The Gartner Group

About the Author

Jonathan Pierre is a Step-down RN, public speaker, and the Founder and CEO of Med Travel Hub. Travel is his love and people are his passion. He is driven to create a paradigm shift within the healthcare staffing industry that focuses on creating memorable experiences for healthcare travelers through community-building events.


Med Travel Hub curates domestic and international travel experiences for healthcare professionals while addressing the need for community-building within healthcare staffing. Our mantra is “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” From skyping in Vegas to seeing the northern lights in Iceland, let’s create and share memorable experiences locally and around the world.

To-date, Med Travel Hub has taken groups to Thailand, Spain, Morocco, Peru, and Colombia. For more information, check them out at, and follow them on instagram @medtravelhub.

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