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Kamana's 2021 Year in Review


December 27, 2021


Painting the picture with broad strokes, this end-of-year summary feels so much more encouraging than the one before. While the healthcare industry is still experiencing the downside of staffing shortages and burnout, we’re surrounded by hope (and science) to help us see the post-pandemic horizon ahead.

Of course, there have been ups and downs, but at the risk of repeating the overused catch-phrase:  “we’re all in this together” (ugh, sorry!), Kamana is incredibly thankful for all our customers, users, partners, and friends that have joined our tribe and are truly “in this” with us.

You’ve helped Kamana grow!


Social Media Stars


The last twelve months brought a bunch of talented social media stars into our orbit. We love watching, reading, and following their creative, funny, and informative posts, stories, and reels. Most especially, we’re happy to have connected (both virtually and at TravCon) with these awesome healthcare professionals. If you’re looking for some new feeds to follow, check out this fabulous folks:

Expert Writers

Among our other talented friends, we must recognize all the amazing writers that have collaborated with us or have been guest contributors for our blog. Hearing directly from the experts means Kamana is able to share quality content on our blog and in our monthly newsletters.


Partners + Friends



Healthcare Staffing Hire

Lumify Care


MedTravel Hub

MedVenture App

Moxie Mentoring

Nurse-Owned Staffing Agency


PLEX Capital

Thank you!

We can’t say enough good things about the cool, smart, and dedicated group of humans that we get to work with each day – both internally at Kamana and with you, our friends and partners! THANK YOU! 😁

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